6th September 2018

analyse how the writer sees the personal value of taking a photograph.

the writer is very  passionate about what a photograph means to him. ‘It’ll spiral up and fly away with each passing minute. Lost to the wind, unless someone sticks out a hand to catch it, clutches it tight so that even if it’s been torn and pocket now, safe from time.’ this is the quote from the text that was used to describe how he notices that a photograph can only be captured the same once and if he doesn’t capture it it’ll disappear forever. 

he goes into great detail about what he see’s in a photograph for example he says how the houses wink at him with the orange light of the sky.

he uses a metaphor in the text ‘soaked grass, the tiny blades dancing in their sparkling dew dresses’ he is explaining how the wet grass is shinning in the sun and moving in the wind.

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