analyse how the writer sees the personal value of taking a photograph. the writer is very  passionate about what a photograph means to him. ‘It’ll spiral up and fly away with each passing minute. Lost to the wind, unless someone sticks out a hand to catch it, clutches it tight so that even if it’s […]

for the last four years my dad and I haven’t been as close as i would like for good reasons although about one year ago I started helping him out at his workshop. since then dad and I have become closer. so for me I think if you have the opportunity to part-time work for […]


Sam Horton Industrial 691 Aubrey road Wanaka, ST 1234 (64) 21 0857 7469 [email protected] SKILLS workshop experience, being a good bloke EXPERIENCE Stocked Stainless Ltd,  Wanaka.NZ – trades assistant  February 2018 – PRESENT helping around in the shop. EDUCATION Mount Aspiring College, Wanaka.NZ – NCEA Level 1 Feb 2017 – Dec 2017 NCEA level 1 INTERESTS I […]

Dear [name] Hi, my name is Sam Horton, I’ve always had a passion for motors, I grew up around cars and motorbikes which has given me a basic understanding of how engines work. I love learning about how a car works when my motorbike breaks down I like to have a go at learning whats wrong and I […]

There are many ways we modify written language when texting in order to make texting more convenient and enhance the quality of communication. we enhance texting by abbreviation. abbreviation speeds up texting and reading, a common use of abbreviation in texting is lol “laugh out loud”. abbreviation might speed up texting but it can be […]

Sam: yo Angus: yoozaa Sam: up2? Angus: not much aye. wyd Sam: just chilling aye Angus: yeah yeah same aye playing a bit of torque burnout Sam: algood. what u up2 this weekend? Angus: dunno really work then maybe rebuild my bike Sam: mean Angus: yeah what you up to this weekend Sam: helping bray […]

Shea : how was your weekend sam   Sam : it was pretty good ,went to my cousins 21st Yeah in hedgehop, yeah little shitty farming town halfway from  gore and invercargill   Angus :it like half way   Sam :yeah it’s like in between the two holes, it  was just speights and shit chat […]

phone rings p1:yeh p2: ah fanks for answerin geeza, know what i mean p3: gim me dat, where you been foo, making us rince out our credit leaving you messages in dat p2: Mr dawes is well on the war path with you bruv yeh p1: cos of da bag an dat? p2: what bag? […]