The last four years my dad and I haven’t been very close. Sometimes we wouldn’t talk for two weeks. Sometimes we wouldnt talk because i didn’t want too but other times we wouldn’t talk because he didn’t call. I gave up on him for a nearly a year.  I was sick of trying to build […]

Tokyo drift is a movie about a guy called Shawn whos a troublemaker that likes to street race, but after one race going bad he is sent away to tokyo japan to stay with his dad and stay away from cars. instantly after arriving in Tokyo he gets straight back into the car scene but […]

‘Fury’ is a movie about a tank in world war 2 when the assistant driver dies a kid called norman trained to type 60 word a minute replaces him. Norman is a christian that would not kill a man and with him being in a tank that was not okay. he was forced to kill […]

‘The prey’ by Andrew fukuda is the second book in the Hunt series. after gene and his heper friends (humans) escaped from the heper institute and got onto a boat going down river, they are constantly followed and under attack. until they get to a place up in the mountains that they thought would be […]

‘The Hunt’ by Andrew Fukuda is a story about a teenager living alone in a world where humans are now endangered and the new species that live on earth are vampires. humans in the book are cooled hepers and Gene is selected to participate in a hunt where a group of hepers are let loose […]

the poem ‘Out the the blue’ is a poem about a a guy in the world trade centre when the attack happened with the planes hitting the 2 towers. he was above the point of impact in the tower so their was no way he could get out. the extract that i am writing about […]

analyse how the writer sees the personal value of taking a photograph. the writer is very  passionate about what a photograph means to him. ‘It’ll spiral up and fly away with each passing minute. Lost to the wind, unless someone sticks out a hand to catch it, clutches it tight so that even if it’s […]

for the last four years my dad and I haven’t been as close as i would like for good reasons although about one year ago I started helping him out at his workshop. since then dad and I have become closer. so for me I think if you have the opportunity to part-time work for […]


Sam Horton Industrial 691 Aubrey road Wanaka, ST 1234 (64) 21 0857 7469 [email protected] SKILLS workshop experience, being a good bloke EXPERIENCE Stocked Stainless Ltd,  Wanaka.NZ – trades assistant  February 2018 – PRESENT helping around in the shop. EDUCATION Mount Aspiring College, Wanaka.NZ – NCEA Level 1 Feb 2017 – Dec 2017 NCEA level 1 INTERESTS I […]

Dear [name] Hi, my name is Sam Horton, I’ve always had a passion for motors, I grew up around cars and motorbikes which has given me a basic understanding of how engines work. I love learning about how a car works when my motorbike breaks down I like to have a go at learning whats wrong and I […]