Dear [name]

Hi, my name is Sam Horton, I’ve always had a passion for motors, I grew up around cars and motorbikes which has given me a basic understanding of how engines work. I love learning about how a car works when my motorbike breaks down I like to have a go at learning whats wrong and I try to fix it before getting a professional to do it because I am eager to learn more about engines. When you said you are looking for a young individual that is straight up, clean cut, respectful, who is always happy and well adjusted sounded like me in a nutshell. I am a good bugger that doesn’t struggle to have a conversation with a stranger. I am originally from Southland so I can hold a good old yarn. I have a can do will do attitude and I am very enthusiastic about cars. Your job ad proved to me that mac services would be an awesome place for me to start my career as an automotive mechanic. I’m the kind of bloke that will lighten up the workshop with still being able to get the job done.

I have grown up helping dad in his workshop, whether it be cutting stainless steel or making wooden bases for hot tubs during school weekends and holidays. I have experience with working in a workshop so I am not scared of a broom, I respect and comply with the health and safety and I understand how it is always changing. electronics have always been a background passion for me, because of this I know my way around most software’s on mac and windows, trust me if you have a problem with your phone or laptop I will most likely be able to find the problem. I can tidy up on a Friday night and come to work on a Monday ready to get a bit messy.

I have been going to school at Mount Aspiring College since 2014. So far I have achieved NCEA level 1 and by the end of this year I expect to have NCEA level 2. I have been studying mechanical engineering since 2016 as a subject at school so I know how to work with most metals. I have basic skills with a welder but with a couple months of training I should be a pro. I am very keen to continue to grow my education and learn some skills from you.

I will go the extra mile to help you out even if that means to give up some time to work some extra hours. I am very excited to gain some hands-on experience as your apprentice. I would love to discuss this position with you further. Cheers for the opportunity and I hope you take me into consideration.




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  1. Hi Sam,

    Let’s discuss this in some detail when we’re in class tomorrow. This letter has good bones, but needs some refinement.

    There are some points where the letter jumps from one idea to another. I’ll read it aloud to you and I expect you’ll be able to detect these moments.

    You are also better off identifying what you ARE good at rather than saying what qualities you don’t have. I’m not suggesting that you lie, however instead of saying you have no experience, you can talk about the experience you’re eager to gain when you leave school.

    Catch you tomorrow.


  2. Achieved – Writing Folio


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