the poem ‘Out the the blue’ is a poem about a a guy in the world trade centre when the attack happened with the planes hitting the 2 towers. he was above the point of impact in the tower so their was no way he could get out. the extract that i am writing about is when a man is hanging out a window waving a white flag trying to get saved.

personally i think that the poet was trying his best to make us feel like the bystanders at the bottom of the towers watching the man at the top wave his white flag. 

i felt useless and emotional through out the poem and i almost felt the pain of the guy at the top of the tower. “the heat behind me is bullying, driving” this is an example of the poet explaining the pain he is in.

this extract has made me realise in some cases that the poet has put an idea into my head that the person at the top of the building could also be a person with a mental problem like depression i got this from the quote “in fact i am waving, waving. small in the clouds. but waving, waving. does anyone see a soul worth saving?”. this somehow spoke to me and made me imagine what my friend could have felt like when he was going through his depression but know one saw it and sadly he took his life. 

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