4th October 2018

reading log 3: The hunt

‘The Hunt’ by Andrew Fukuda is a story about a teenager living alone in a world where humans are now endangered and the new species that live on earth are vampires. humans in the book are cooled hepers and Gene is selected to participate in a hunt where a group of hepers are let loose and the new species get to hunt them down. gene meets the humans he has to hunt and together they make a plan to escape and fun to the mountains.

throughout the book gene is faced with many problems and challenges. the new species show zero emotion and dont sweet or put out any odour, so with gene being a teenager and going through puberty he is faced with just about being exposed at school multiple times.

personally i think that the writer is trying to say that you cant lye for ever because the truth will always come out. Gene gets goose bumps while swimming “i lift up my arm. it dotted with goose bumps” and sweats at the heper institute “i force myself to remain calm, its me thats giving off the smell” both of these near exposure almost kill him

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