13th October 2018

reading log 5: Fury

‘Fury’ is a movie about a tank in world war 2 when the assistant driver dies a kid called norman trained to type 60 word a minute replaces him. Norman is a christian that would not kill a man and with him being in a tank that was not okay. he was forced to kill a nazi and he is trying his best to keep his peace with god.a battalion of tanks and solders take over a town, once the town is secure norman and the captain find 2 girls hiding in a house. they are very nice to the 2 girls until the rest of the group comes up to the house and disrespects them, until they are told to leave. then once they had left the town was attacked leading to the house with the girls being blown up. theres nothing they can do so they leave going to the next town when they are stopped by a Tiger Tank (a faster more powerful german tank that is also bullet proof from the front). they successfully get behind it and take it down but unfortunately only one tank survive. the tank then moved on and drove over a land mine breaking one of the tracks, stranded the sit while one of the guys attempts to fix the tank until they find out that an ss battalion is coming there way (german elite army). they decide to stay in the tank to fight.

through out the movie i felt very sorry for norman because he went into the army to be a type writer but ended up having to kill people in a tank. this has taught me that even if things change it should not change who you are or how you act and see things. after as norman was getting yelled at because he didn’t want to shoot anyone he yelled “i cant ****** be here any ****** more”.

“i was trained to type 60 words a minute, i am not trained to machine gun dead body’s, i am trying my very best” was what Norman said to his captain after he got a hard time for not shooting dead body’s. he was then forced to kill someone but instead he wanted to be killed instead. this just showed how much of an innocent guy he was which made me show even more petty for Norman.

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  1. We will discuss this further in class and expand on the idea of personal integrity. You will need to have a secure knowledge of facts from the film and a more developed exploration of the idea that you’ve identified.

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