Tokyo drift is a movie about a guy called Shawn whos a troublemaker that likes to street race, but after one race going bad he is sent away to tokyo japan to stay with his dad and stay away from cars. instantly after arriving in Tokyo he gets straight back into the car scene but its not the car scene he is used to. it is the land of drifting but he didn’t know that until after he signed up to race. throughout the movie Shawn trains and gets into trouble until at the end of the movie he beats the king drifter and gang member in a race.

throughout the movie i feel sorry and happy for Shawn because he is always shut down for his passion of his cars but then in tokyo he still finds a way to be in the community of cars which makes me feel happy for him. “its in my blood” is something shawn says in the the movie which has taught me that if u have a passion stick to it no matter what people say or think.

in the movie Shawn is referred to as “gaijin” gaijin is japanese for outsider. he was called this in tokyo because he didn’t know what drifting was when he first arrives. but slowly he earned his spot in the community. this can relate to anyone in the world with a job. you don’t just start a job and everyone thinks your the best, you’ve got to earn your spot and show people that you are not just an “outsider”. 

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