12th October 2018

reading log4: the prey

‘The prey’ by Andrew fukuda is the second book in the Hunt series. after gene and his heper friends (humans) escaped from the heper institute and got onto a boat going down river, they are constantly followed and under attack. until they get to a place up in the mountains that they thought would be amazing but turns out to be very evil. gene is also in gult throughout the book for leaving Ashley June behind (another human that was living in the shadows).

personally i think ‘The prey’ is about how some people try to run away from there problems (gene and the group going down the river)”i don’t want this ,i thought to myself, i don’t want this at all.”. But you cant run away from your problems because they always find a way to get back into your life “not just a party. There’s a whole army of them” (the hunters found them again).

i cant really find any connections in the text that relate to the world other than what i have already talked about.

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