27th July 2018


for the last four years my dad and I haven’t been as close as i would like for good reasons although about one year ago I started helping him out at his workshop. since then dad and I have become closer. so for me I think if you have the opportunity to part-time work for a family member take it over any other job.

a-lot of people even my mum thinks working for my dad isn’t a ‘real job’ well what is a real job? “somewhere with a real boss and not working at home” yeah na to be honest working for a family member means that they will be more harsh on you      and        you will be a-lot less shy about asking for help?     So actual its probably better for you to work for a family member because you learn more out of it.

dad has made his workshop very user friendly so that when i do work for him i can do most things safely and by myself. by user friendly i mean that dad has made templates for most of the things he gets me to cut or make. the things he gets me to make or cut are making wooden bases for his hottub’s, cutting insulation for the hottub,  cutting pipe insulation, cutting pipes for spa’s, cutting metal for torcher racks, package hottub’s and package bathtub’s.all of these thing are boring and repetitive but its taught me a-lot and its made me enjoy doing other things that are boring to most people but fun for me because its different.

            there are definitely some bad things about working for family.                  I think it is a bad idea to have a full time job with family,    because although your spending a-lot of time together and thats good it can also have its down sides. well everyone needs there alone time and maybe some days your not in a good mood which you are most likely to take out on family.   so with family being your boss it isn’t the nicest time at work.

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