There are many ways we modify written language when texting in order to make texting more convenient and enhance the quality of communication. we enhance texting by abbreviation. abbreviation speeds up texting and reading, a common use of abbreviation in texting is lol “laugh out loud”. abbreviation might speed up texting but it can be very easily miss used, as in lol “laugh out loud” could be used as lol “lots of love”.

lol, can be interpreted in many different ways, such as sarcasm and emotion. when lol is said in person it is usually taken as sarcasm because you are saying lol and not actually laughing out loud, but then when lol is said over a text in most cases it is used to show/tell emotion although it can still be used as a way of sarcasm through texting. omg is another abbreviation commonly used in texting. most people read it as oh my god. but is also read in other ways like oh my gosh

Using homophones is another way speed up our texting we commonly use 2 instead of too and m8 instead of mate. we use homophones because in most cases it shortens the word making it easier and faster to type. 2 is used mostly as a way of getting a quick message across, for example, “I’m off 2 the store” is something my mum says. up2 is something i use commonly while texting friends i usually say “up2 m8”.

emojis are used in texting to get emotion and gestures across. i never really use gesture, the only times i find myself using them are when im in a rush or im angry or dont know what to say.

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  1. This is shaping up into a very strong analysis of how language works. I’ll enjoy watching it develop!

  2. We looked at taking the next step in the essay by referring to the use of homophones in texting in order to make the conversations flow faster.

    M8 = mate, for example.

    Also, do use quotation marks when referring to text examples in your analysis.



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